Why Beta Systems?

Beta Systems is a leading provider of IAM solutions designed for international companies and industries that process large volumes of data. Our highly scalable products deliver proven IGA modules for application in the complex, heterogeneous IT environments of mid-sized businesses and large corporations. Beta Systems is proud to offer the most comprehensive cross-platform IAM provisioning solutions in the market.

30 years of experience

Beta Systems’ competent services and highly modern products are built on 30 years of experience and industry expertise. The solutions integrate powerful access intelligence functions that optimize the secure handling of corporate data, reduce operating costs, lower the risk associated with data access and enable efficient data processes that comply with legal and audit requirements.

What Is Our Business?

Beta Systems develops identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions that address the needs of mid-sized and large companies across all industries. Organizations that do not employ an IGA solution are unable to reliably protect their data and meet the various applicable legal provisions. If data security is not guaranteed in compliance-critical areas, this results in high risk, both in terms of financial matters as well as regards the corporate image. Such risks may well become decisive factors in determining whether or not a company succeeds in the long term.

Unbelievable Performance

Our reliable and forward-looking IGA suite supports more platforms (incl. the mainframe) and applications than any other comparable product. Integrated powerful access intelligence functions optimize the secure handling of corporate data, significantly reducing operating costs, greatly lowering the risk associated with data access and providing a tool for efficient data management and exchange in compliance with legal and audit requirements. The solution’s seamless IGA scheme accounts for the entire data security lifecycle – starting with user provisioning, role and password management through to workflow, compliance and audit requirements.

Our highly scalable products deliver proven IGA modules for application in complex and heterogeneous IT environments.

The Beta solution suite addresses companies with user accounts in the range from 1,000 up to more than 1,000,000 in global corporations.

Trust us! We will deliver.

Beta Systems Software based in Berlin, Germany, is an independent provider of IGA solutions. Our group comprises 14 subsidiaries throughout the globe and a continuously growing network of highly specialized partners.

The success of the company rests on more than 30 years of experience gained in challenging industries (including financial services, logistics and manufacturing) and is a result of the trusting cooperation with our international customers. In total, our employees boast over 1,000 man years of experience with security-related projects. Our customers benefit from this vast store of know-how and the optimized data security derived from it. The overwhelming positive feedback of our customers and their longstanding trust are proof that we live up to this claim.

Through 100 risks to four high-risk users.

Minimize your access risk!

Tight time windows and convoluted databases make it increasingly difficult for authorization administrators to identify and assess all risks. This is why Garancy Access Intelligence Manager automatically analyzes all access to data quickly, reliably and in a customizable manner.

Use Case High Risk User …

With 20 trails on three critical resources.

Deepen your access knowledge!

Garancy Access Intelligence Manager captures all relevant details in the complex authorization structure distributed over a company's databases.

Use Case Access Path Analysis ...

In 30 minutes to five risk reports.

Get the necessary details!

Garancy Access Intelligence Manager delivers meaningful, ready-to-use standard analyses and also supports ad-hoc reports that can be flexibly generated via drag & drop according to customer-specific criteria.

Use Case Ad-hoc Reports…

SAM Enterprise Identity Manager

The Beta Systems security portfolio includes products for provisioning, administration, password management, compliance, and governance …

more information

Garancy AIM

Going beyond plain access control to encompass broad-based analysis tools across multiple data sources …

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Join the Beta Systems Team

Beta Systems is currently in the process of expanding its product development and sales worldwide. To achieve this objective, the company is looking for qualified new employees on an ongoing basis, especially those who might be interested in junior or entry-level positions. Careers with Beta Systems offer a diverse range of continuous training possibilities, as well as the freedom to develop and implement your own ideas. The environment is team-oriented and the tasks are both captivating and challenging.

Please feel free to submit your resume so that we can consider you for any positions that become available. To see which positions are offered in Germany, please go to our German career page.


Beta Systems IAM Software AG

Beta Systems IAM Software AG is Europe’s largest independent provider of enterprise identity and access management (IAM) solutions. For more than 30 years, Beta Systems has been supporting financial services, production, commerce and IT services companies by providing them with software products and IT solutions “Made in Germany”. The company’s solutions for access management are tailored to the needs of large multinational organizations and are compliant with regulatory requirements. Beta Systems IAM Software AG is a 100% subsidiary of Beta Systems Software AG.

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