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We pair up our customers with the most suitable identity management solutions to help them get the most out of their existing IT system landscape.

In order to be able to do so, we always strive to understand and meet our customers’ requirements as best as possible.

Our cooperation with strong solution partners instills trust and allows us to build long-lasting partnerships.

The partners’ dedicated expert know-how, extensive project experience and broad solution offering means that we, together with our sales partners, deliver products that perfectly match our customers’ requirements.

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AdinSec is Beta Systems’ IdM partner in the Benelux region. AdinSec offers implementation, support, training and consulting services for IdM tools from Beta Systems in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


Al-Falak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Co. is our sales partner for the Middle East region. The company is a leading provider of IT and communication solutions. According to Arab News, the company joined Saudi Arabia’s list of top 100 businesses four years ago.


BLUECARAT has been helping their customers reduce operating costs, optimize workflows and improve IT security since 2001.

COMBIS d.o.o.

COMBIS d.o.o. based in Zagreb, Croatia, is a leading system integrator in the Adriatic region. Its highly experienced team delivers consulting, development, implementation, integration and maintenance services for complex end-to-end information, application and communication solutions.


Partnerlogo CROZ

CROZ is oriented at finance and public sector as well as other large IT systems. CROZ’s services include turn-key projects or professional services including education, consulting and implementation in certain segments. CROZ’s team counts more than 180 employees and is known as a company capable of successfully completing demanding and difficult projects and it has the reputation of a reliable business partner.


CSO is a Beta Systems partner who specializes in IAM and password management products. The Portuguese company addresses the IT needs of companies in the region by providing implementation, support, training and consulting services for Beta Systems IT security tools. CSO – Chief Security Officers, SA – was founded in 2006 and is a leading provider of IT security services in Portugal today.

direkt gruppe

With five companies, the direkt gruppe offers a comprehensive service portfolio for IT, communication and marketing from a single source. Our expertise is holistic, ranging from strategy to operation. We act as an equal partner to ensure that our customers benefit from our entire know-how. And we do it consistently. On the way to the best solution, our consultants question everything, including customer opinions if necessary. We claim to be future companions, customer understanders and problem solvers all in one. With the self-conception of breaking new ground and thereby promoting necessary innovations and generating new ideas. We are a new generation of consultants. We are real. We are a direkt gruppe.


Eccox Technology S.A. based near São Paolo, Brazil, is a Beta Systems sales partner for South America. Eccox sells Beta Systems identity access management solutions to major customers in the region.

ENETEL Solutions

Software developer and system integrator ENETEL Solutions based in Beograd, Serbia, specializes in serving the needs of the telecommunications, finance and transport industry. ENETEL Solutions has been active in these markets for many years, developing, implementing and integrating solutions as well as operating and servicing complex information systems.

Ergon Informatik AG

Ergon Informatik AG, founded in 1984, is a leading manufacturer of individual software solutions and software products. The basis for success: 280 highly qualified IT specialists who, thanks to their outstanding know-how, anticipate new technology trends and secure competitive advantages with innovative solutions. Ergon mainly realizes large projects in the B2B sector.

Ergon's Airlock Suite combines filtering and authentication in a coordinated overall solution that sets standards in usability and services. The Airlock security product protects more than 15 million digital identities and 30,000 back ends for over 450 customers worldwide. The outstanding Net Promoter Score of +53 underlines the high customer satisfaction.

Gruppo Energent

Gruppo Energent is an established international IT security consultant and provider of solutions and services for information & communication. Gruppo Energent develops processes, guidelines and tools that enhance the IT security, risk management and compliance capabilities of its clientele.


Hewlett-Packard is a leading global provider of solutions and services for information and image processing. It is the company’s mission to make new technologies and the resulting benefits available to businesses and private users. This goal is achieved based on easy-to-use applications, e-services and a continuously available Internet infrastructure.

Inception Business Concepts

Partner Logo Inception Business Concepts

Inception Business Concepts is an Information Technology consulting firm with emphasis on business process management, Software development, IT Security and Risk management, Electronics records management, system integration, equipment management and support services. We deliver value through the application of consultancy and technology.


The Dutch consulting firm IonIT specializes in the design and implementation of identity and access management solutions. As a experts in IDM/IAM and related products, the provider offers services to companies that wish to automate business processes, access management and IT security. By focusing on the customer’s process view, IonIT helps the customer select the IDM solution that best meets their present needs and can be flexibly adapted to future process changes.

IonIT provides consulting on products and solutions for user provisioning, workflow management, role-based access control (RBAC), access governance, password management, single sign-on (SSO) and access management. IonIT consultants support major projects undertaken by customers at home in the banking industry, government agencies and the education sector. They bring more than ten years of identity and access management experience to the table.


IS4IT is a manufacturer-independent IT consulting company. The experienced team helps its customers implement comprehensive IT services in line with their specific requirements in order to provide them with a competitive edge. Customers greatly appreciate IS4IT’s extensive expert knowledge in the areas of infrastructure, security, SAP solutions and managed services to optimize IT operations. Many customers from a wide range of industries, including the financial services, telecommunications and media companies, have already benefitted from the broad service spectrum.
The ISO 9001-certified consultancy headquartered in Oberhaching near Munich employs a staff of 300. Additional offices are located in Augsburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Fürth, Hamburg, Nürnberg, Paderborn and Ulm.

JobRouter AG

JobRouter AG is an international provider of software and services designed to optimize business processes. The high-performance JobRouter suite enables companies to easily implement any business process.  JobRouter integrates with any existing system landscape and supports both document- and data-based processes.

Monolit IT

Monolit IT is a technology company that specializes in designing and building IT infrastructure systems, integrating IT systems and developing IT infrastructure solutions. Monolith develops and implements IT infrastructure projects, sets up IT systems and offers post-implementation support.

neusta identity & access management

neusta identity & access management supports customers in complying with regulatory requirements and minimizing business risks.

The services of neusta identity & access management are

  • product-independent consulting for the introduction of IAM processes, the definition and modelling of company-wide valid business roles
  • implementation with proven tools from various manufacturers
  • consulting and development of self-service scenarios
  • coaching throughout all project phases

With over ten years of experience, neusta identity & access management can rely on a broad network of customers, suppliers and manufacturers at any time. This makes neusta a particularly agile and reliable partner in the field of digital identities. 


Prospectus GmbH is a private company that was founded in Croatia in 2003. Today, Prospectus is a leading Croatian IT provider  specialized in planning projects that involve integrated technological security systems for large IT infrastructures and security-related IT infrastructures of banks and other financial service providers.


SKyPRO is an IT service provider founded over 25 years ago. Its experienced team offers innovative IT solutions based on the latest technologies. SKyPRO AG has been implementing innovative identity governance and administration solutions for banks, insurance companies, the industrial sector and public administrations for more than ten years.
We plan and realize identity lifecycle processes that help manage identities and their access rights across all relevant IT systems and applications on site and in the cloud. This includes administrating a workflow that creates, maintains and deletes identities as needed and also controls the entire authorization request process – from approval, recertification and risk assessment through to separation of duties.
Our solutions deliver automatic provisioning of users and access rights in heterogeneous system landscapes, authorization requests including self-service, workflow-based control of access rights to enforce guidelines, as well as recertification.
We design role models, analyze risk potentials and create reports to meet your specific compliance requirements.


SLOVAKODATA, a.s. is a privately owned stock company founded in Slovakia in 1994. SLOVAKODATA, a.s. helps its customers boost their competitiveness and operational efficiency by introducing complex information systems based on solid business practices and know-how proven time and again in projects across the globe. We focus on providing our customers with expert advice and implementing information systems essential to the successful operation of financial service companies, public sector organizations, the manufacturing industry and trading companies.

Solving IT

Solving is a company that helps IT managers boost the value and impact of corporate IT by introducing a new level of clarity and professionalism.
IT departments are expected to crunch ever more numbers and to consistently improve data quality despite stalling IT budgets and team sizes. This trend inspired respected market participant Solving to specialize in IT services that focus on service management, enterprise security, compliance and automation.
The perfect project success rate in the banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy and retail industries is owing to Solving’s in-depth understanding of their customers’ business models and their specialist consultants’ know-how.

Spike Reply

Spike Reply, a member of the Reply Group SpA, specializes in consulting services and integrated solutions that deliver business security and facilitate fraud management. Spike Reply is intimately familiar with identity and access management solutions, from their design and planning through to implementation and maintenance. Spike Reply’s core business focus rests on: governance, risk management and compliance  as well as security integration and testing.


Partnerlogo TechoSmart

TechoSmart, a subsidiary of Gulf Future Business group of companies, provides leading edge, tailored ICT Solutions, with operations spreading across various Sectors locally, regionally and internationally.

TechoSmart, is an ICT consultancy and services provider that focuses on bringing strategized solutions to its clients, aiding them in achieving their goals and creating strong links within the business network.


Modern trends such as digital transformation and new technologies including cloud solutions all aim at enabling companies to manage their digital identities in an efficient and effective manner in order to stay competitive over the long term. The TIMETOACT team of the Identity & Access Governance (IAG) business unit puts its many years of expert know-how to use for you by offering all services relevant to this discipline.

TIMETOACT helps you devise a consistent IAG strategy, supporting this effort from product evaluation and implementation through to operation of the integrated solution. For customers who prefer to outsource services, TIMETOACT can alternatively integrate Identity & Access Management (IAM) processes into the standardized IAM as a Service (IAMaaS) solution. Whatever TIMETOACT solution approach you choose, you will always get tools that meet highest demands as regards integrity, availability and audit-compliance.



Víntegris designs, implements and manages IT security infrastructures for Spain’s leading financial organizations and major corporations. The provider offers tailor-made, robust solutions that integrate high-performance technologies to meet business requirements arising from the gap between the function range of standardized products and the customers’ actual needs.

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