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Global presence built on a first-rate partner network

We pair up our customers with the most suitable identity management solutions to help them get the most out of their existing IT system landscape.

In order to be able to do so, we always strive to understand and meet our customers’ requirements as best as possible.

Our cooperation with strong solution partners instills trust and allows us to build long-lasting partnerships.

The partners’ dedicated expert know-how, extensive project experience and broad solution offering means that we, together with our sales partners, deliver products that perfectly match our customers’ requirements.


Al-Falak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Co. is our sales partner for the Middle East region. The company is a leading provider of IT and communication solutions. According to Arab News, the company joined Saudi Arabia’s list of top 100 businesses four years ago.


COMBIS is a regional high-tech ICT company that focuses on the development of application, communication, security and system solutions as well as the provision of services. The company advises, develops, implements, integrates and maintains comprehensive information, application and communication solutions. COMBIS has proven its competence and adaptability, proactivity and customer orientation in more than a thousand projects in Croatia and abroad.


CROZ is oriented at finance and public sector as well as other large IT systems. CROZ’s services include turn-key projects or professional services including education, consulting and implementation in certain segments. CROZ’s team counts more than 180 employees and is known as a company capable of successfully completing demanding and difficult projects and it has the reputation of a reliable business partner.


CSO is a Beta Systems partner who specializes in IAM and password management products. The Portuguese company addresses the IT needs of companies in the region by providing implementation, support, training and consulting services for Beta Systems IT security tools. CSO – Chief Security Officers, SA – was founded in 2006 and is a leading provider of IT security services in Portugal today.

Eikon Solutions

Eikon Solutions is a technology partner to businesses and public administrations with the goal of responding to the growing need for computerization, dematerialization, automation and process control.

ENETEL Solutions

Software developer and system integrator ENETEL Solutions based in Beograd, Serbia, specializes in serving the needs of the telecommunications, finance and transport industry. ENETEL Solutions has been active in these markets for many years, developing, implementing and integrating solutions as well as operating and servicing complex information systems.

GFS Software

Brazil-based GFS Software develops high-availability, highly reliable z/OS infrastructure software. The company also acts as a distributor in Brazil for software developers of international acclaim.


Founded in 2008, LANDRY and associates is a multidisciplinary firm specializing in risk and performance management as well as technology and human capital management. LANDRY’s team accompanies organizations through their business, operational and technological challenges related to the management, the protection and enhancement of their assets.

MCX pro

The history of the MCX group dates back to 1988, when the first company started its operations. Along with its development, more specialized companies were created. The company MCX Telecom was separated in December 2008, and its activities are focused on the implementation of complex telecommunications projects.

Own, proprietary solutions and cooperation with leading international technology partners in the field of ICT solutions, provide MCX PRO clients with access to the latest technologies.

neusta identity & access management

neusta identity & access management supports customers in complying with regulatory requirements and minimizing business risks.

The services of neusta identity & access management are

  • product-independent consulting for the introduction of IAM processes, the definition and modelling of company-wide valid business roles
  • implementation with proven tools from various manufacturers
  • consulting and development of self-service scenarios
  • coaching throughout all project phases

With over ten years of experience, neusta identity & access management can rely on a broad network of customers, suppliers and manufacturers at any time. This makes neusta a particularly agile and reliable partner in the field of digital identities.

Pure IT Associates

Founded in 2009, Pure IT Associates is an IT consulting company based out of the UK and Denmark.

Focussed on delivering and advising on IAM, Big Data and Open Banking solutions – helping organisations to find the most suitable technical solution to support their business operations and ensure business continuity in this time of change.

Pure IT has successfully delivered projects across the globe – cutting across banking and finance, capital markets, education, telco, education and petrochemical industries.


SKyPRO is an IT service provider founded over 25 years ago. Its experienced team offers innovative IT solutions based on the latest technologies. SKyPRO AG has been implementing innovative identity governance and administration solutions for banks, insurance companies, the industrial sector and public administrations for more than ten years.
We plan and realize identity lifecycle processes that help manage identities and their access rights across all relevant IT systems and applications on site and in the cloud. This includes administrating a workflow that creates, maintains and deletes identities as needed and also controls the entire authorization request process – from approval, recertification and risk assessment through to separation of duties.
Our solutions deliver automatic provisioning of users and access rights in heterogeneous system landscapes, authorization requests including self-service, workflow-based control of access rights to enforce guidelines, as well as recertification.
We design role models, analyze risk potentials and create reports to meet your specific compliance requirements.


SoftPlex is our technology and sales partner in Japan. The company provides software products and its related services for IBM mainframe. SoftPlex is a business partner of IBM Japan.


Founded in 1981 and with over 30 years of experience, SOFTRON is a company whose traditional area is the representation, marketing and implementation of technology solutions.

SOFTRON’s solutions provide support to IT departments of large companies as well as allow our customers to obtain competitive advantage by using innovative technology.

SOFTRON carefully selects the outstanding technology best meets the specific needs of our clients and combine it with the know-how and experience of our team of consultants and local technicians.

Solving IT

Solving is a company that helps IT managers boost the value and impact of corporate IT by introducing a new level of clarity and professionalism.
IT departments are expected to crunch ever more numbers and to consistently improve data quality despite stalling IT budgets and team sizes. This trend inspired respected market participant Solving to specialize in IT services that focus on service management, enterprise security, compliance and automation.
The perfect project success rate in the banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy and retail industries is owing to Solving’s in-depth understanding of their customers’ business models and their specialist consultants’ know-how.


Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria, a European leader in consulting, digital services and software development, helps its clients drive their digital transformation. It provides end-to-end solutions to make large companies and organisations more competitive by combining in-depth knowledge of a wide range of business sectors and innovative technologies with a fully collaborative approach.

With 46,000 employees in 25 countries, the Group places people at the heart of everything it does to build a positive future.

Spike Reply

Spike Reply, a member of the Reply Group SpA, specializes in consulting services and integrated solutions that deliver business security and facilitate fraud management. Spike Reply is intimately familiar with identity and access management solutions, from their design and planning through to implementation and maintenance. Spike Reply’s core business focus rests on: governance, risk management and compliance  as well as security integration and testing.

SYSM Systemmanagement

SYSM is a young and flexible service company that draws its unique strength and innovative strength from the dynamic development of modern IT systems.

SYSM system management is based on precise analysis of the environment and sustainably improves processes so that you always retain full control.


Versaria is our sales partner in Mexico. Versaria serves customers across various industries, including the banking, insurance and telecommunications sector.


Víntegris designs, implements and manages IT security infrastructures for Spain’s leading financial organizations and major corporations. The provider offers tailor-made, robust solutions that integrate high-performance technologies to meet business requirements arising from the gap between the function range of standardized products and the customers’ actual needs.

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