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The Identity Access Management suite from Beta Systems provides you with a set of tools for controlling and monitoring access to data and applications according to the individual organizational requirements and specialist role of each user.

SAM Enterprise Identity Manager is a component of the GARANCY IAM Suite

The modules of the GARANCY IAM Suite

Manage and control of access rights

The ‘GARANCY Identity Manager’ provisioning module enables the centralized administration and control of all user-related authorization information across all IT systems. This includes provisioning, user management, access governance and audit & security.

Manage and control of access rights

Governance workflows part of the ‘GARANCY Process Center’  can be used to create digital processes and accelerate all processes relating to access rights.

Recertification: Keep tabs on your users’ access rights

The browser-based ‘GARANCY Recertification Center’ solution for efficient access rights recertification allows you to check, reassign or revoke access rights assigned to internal and external users.


Password Management: Self reset and synchronization

The ‘GARANCY Password Management’ component ensures secure and smooth access to various IT platforms or applications in distributed system landscapes. It delivers a password reset function and password synchronization.

Access intelligence: Risk-based analyses and audit tools

The ‘GARANCY Access Intelligence Manager’ module draws on business intelligence. It delivers reports and multi-dimensional analyses that enable you to check access rights structures and identify access risks.

Data Access Governance: Manage unstructured data

The ‘GARANCY Data Access Governance’ (DAG) module delivers a dedicated administration and control tool for accessing unstructured data such as documents, tables, presentations or e-mails.

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