Intelligence Manager

Reports and multi-dimensional analyses using the Access Intelligence Manager

360° dynamic monitoring provides a complete overview of access rights and associated risks.

The ‘GARANCY Access Intelligence Manager’ delivers reports and multi-dimensional analyses for checking corporate access rights structures and identifying potential access risks.

Reduce access-related risks

  • Clean up managed identities, revoke or adjust access rights and reliably implement all necessary separations of duty.
  • Quickly correct authorization errors and close security gaps by complementing your security landscape with the GARANCY Identity Manager.
  • Secure access control and improved governance based on facts.

Analyze historical data relating to access rights

GARANCY Time Traveler empowers users to answer all access-related questions relevant to an audit or investigation with the help of historical data – either based on snapshots or continuous data capturing all changes.

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Well-informed management

  • Full visibility into security indicators via user-friendly dashboards.
  • Business-oriented and easy-to-use reporting and audit tools as an out-of-the-box or customized solution.
  • Reduce the time required for upstream communication to the management and during audits.

Transparent overview of access rights

Obtain reliable answers to new IT challenges posed by legal compliance regulations. The solution brings transparency and security to business processes and allows them to be reviewed retroactively. It does so by analyzing all business-relevant data sources and providing information in the shape of individualized drill-down and drill-through reports.


  • Transparent reporting of access risks leads to much stronger risk awareness in the company.
  • Clearly defined way of handling access risks
  • Short time windows generally make it difficult to capture and assess all dangers relating to access management. GARANCY Access Intelligence Manager analyzes even vast databases quickly and reliably.
  • Dynamic historization: Any change is immediately identified and can be traced.

Product Details

  • Business reports including key performance indicators (as graphics or pivot tables)
  • Powerful BI data model for analyzing the data of all relevant IT systems
  • Uncover overlapping authorizations and violations of SoDs
  • Rapid, low-cost implementation of audit requirements
  • Analyze historical data capturing changes made to access rights for any time frame or point in time.
  • Familiar Windows look & feel in the web browser
  • Drag & drop plus numerous visualization options
  • Powerful drill-down and drill-through functions
  • Get solid answers to ad-hoc questions

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