The new version of the GARANCY IAM Suite

The new GARANCY IAM Suite Version 3 offers many functions and advantages for users and administrators. It contains extensive enhancements for access governance, is fast and reliable to use and enables a much faster live alignment of authorizations.

    • Out-of-the-Box usable, revised SoD concept in the standard product
    • Quickly ready for use with uncomplicated software updates
    • Fast live balancing of the target systems down to the individual user and account through high performance increases of the Windows agents

The new GARANCY version 3 includes the modules



Connection of target systems and increased speed

In GARANCY 3 there are technological innovations regarding the integration of target systems in order to keep them up to date regarding security. GARANCY 3 also has some new integrations to target systems and platforms such as ServiceNow.

Customers benefit from a strong performance increase of the Windows-based agents, which allows a much faster synchronization of authorizations. The authorization settings in the target systems are automatically synchronized with the IAM system specifications for complete systems, accounts and optionally for individual users.

More information about the interfaces can be found in the

New SoD concept

Key features and functions include a new SoD concept based on SoD classes that works out-of-the-box and with minimal configuration requirements from customers.

A new “attribute distribution” feature allows the distribution of changes to user attributes to the connected systems to keep user data up to date.

A detailed description of the new SoD concept can be found in the

Download the GARANCY 3 information package here

Would you like to learn more about GARANCY 3?
The information package contains 3 PDF files and gives you an overview of the new features of GARANCY 3, about the control of access rights within ServiceNow and valuable information about the implementation of SoD regulations.

We would be pleased to send you the download link for the information package by e-mail.