Smart Password Reset
Free of charge until 31 December 2020


Improved security and productivity

Corona has changed the business world as we know it. Surveys show that almost every second professional now works entirely or at least partially in a home office. For every third professional, work from the home office was introduced for the first time due to the virus.

In this situation, the work of IT departments is becoming a critical success factor for many companies.

Take the load off your IT now!

Access from the home office to IT systems is decisive for the ability to work and the success of the entire company. The new environment further increases the complexity for the employee.

New remote accesses, new teleconferencing systems, new cloud-supported collaboration platforms – all systems with their own user guidance and passwords, implemented and controlled by your IT.

Smart Password Reset - free of charge and immediately available

With Smart Password Reset, employees can independently manage and change their passwords in the various IT systems. If they forget their passwords, they can authenticate themselves independently and reset and change their passwords browser-based.

Smart Password Reset offers a range of functions that goes far beyond the scope of the many free tools

  •     Support of the most diverse IT systems in your IT landscape or in the cloud
  •     Compliance with definable password rules
  •     Use of modern authentication methods such as Google Authenticator on the smartphone
  •     Usability and security in one system.

We offer you the free use of Smart Password Reset until 31 December 2020*.

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* The user agreement is between the company using the product and Beta Systems and ends on 01 January 2021. For the use of Smart Password Reset, starting on 01 January 2021, a rental fee of 0.30 Euro per defined user per month will be charged. If you have any questions regarding the ongoing licensing after the free usage period, please contact us at

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