System Center

Garancy System Center: Direct management of IAM data

The Garancy Identity Manager centrally manages and controls organization-wide user rights. In their daily work, the authorization management team depends on being able to retrieve and process this data quickly, securely and efficiently.

The Garancy System Center enables business users to access and edit Garancy Identity Manager data directly.

Integrated into the Garancy Portal, the System Center offers browser-based access that also enables distributed management of the various IAM objects via employees in the company’s various organizational units.

Product Details

System Center as part of the Garancy portal

The Garancy System Center integrates seamlessly into the structure and appearance of the Garancy portal. As an additional tab, the System Center is available to users authorized for this purpose in the portal. No additional logon to the Garancy IDM is required – the Garancy portal controls the corresponding single sign-on (SSO) for the System Center. Language and color settings are also taken from the Garancy Portal.

Role administration

Through System Center, role managers have direct access to the roles for which they are responsible. The System Center offers extensive filter options to identify the required role object from the set of managed roles. Creation, modification, deletion – The entire life cycle of roles can be directly controlled via role administration. The role objects can be administered both in their master data (description, SoD class, risk assessment) and in their authorization structure by contained groups or roles. Changes to the roles are provided directly to the target systems.

Application administration

The application is increasingly becoming the focus of the authorization concept. The IT application on which the authorization acts is increasingly determining the technical reasons for assigning authorization to an employee. In this respect, the ability to manage applications is an important component of authorization assignment. In System Center, application owners can control the lifecycle of their IT applications. Applications can be newly created in System Center and, if necessary, their master data can be adjusted. The application owner gets a direct view of the roles, groups and accounts assigned to his application at any time.

Customer attribute management

In many IAM installations, the need arises for customers to manage individual details about user and role objects. Whether they are organizational management indicators or additional information about the characteristics of the role, customer-specific attributes represent important information in the various application and recertification processes of the Garancy portal. With the System Center, the use of configured customer attributes can be defined in the User Center and Recertification Center processes. Customer attributes can be easily selected and directly used as information in user and role profiles or as filter criteria in the object selection without any project effort.

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