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Employee Lifecycle made easy

‚GARANCY User Center‘ supports the employee lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding by efficiently and auditable managing such organizational changes and the corresponding adaptation of the employee’s access rights in the transition process.

The Garancy User Center in 100 seconds.

Processes of Employee Lifecycle

Employee Onboarding

Register new users with their initial access rights

Employee Transfer

Change the work environment of an employee and adjust his access rights accordingly

Individual Access Requests

Request new access rights for a user – as a self-service or as a member of your team

Employee recertification

Periodic review of employee access rights with the Recertification Center

Employee Offboarding

Manage employees’ offboarding process considering existing access rights and responsibilities

Benefits of software-based Management of the Employee Lifecycle

Improved security

Fast and auditable processes for onboarding, transfer, offboarding.

Increased efficiency

Management of IT access rights in the employee lifecycle.

Compliant processes

Fulfill regulatory requirements such as GDPR, corporate governance regulations or general IT security requirements.

Product Details


All processes are easily configured according to customer needs and ready to use in a minute. Configuration is covering the definition of potential requester, approving levels, approval content as well as the planned duration per process step and process specific settings like e.g. the configuration of reasons for leaving.

Managing the Employee Lifecycle

The User Center was designed for the lifecycle management of internal as well as external employees. It manages permanent as well a temporary changes of an employee’s status. In addition, Garancy User Center allows users to request access rights for other individuals or as a self-service at any time.

User Center processes consider the existing entitlements of an employee and potential transition periods. E.g. the offboarding process can be used for permanent leaves as well as for temporary leaves like parental leaves or mandatory leaves.

Keep control of your employees and processes

In addition to the main lifecycle processes, Garancy User Center provides useful overview panels like a mailbox for pending tasks, open requests and your personal task history.

Managers are equipped with an extra panel, showing all direct reports with their profiles and current access rights. With these features, every manager is fully informed about his team’s entitlements.

Additional Modules

Recertification Center

The Recertification Center offers a web interface that empowers companies to check the access rights of their users and to define key users who may recertify or revoke assigned rights and roles.

Process Center

The Process Center allows you to use governance workflows within the IAM system to create digital processes and accelerate all processes relating to access rights.

Access Intelligence Manager

Business Intelligence-based, interactive Analytics of enterprise-wide access data.

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