Customized IAM Solutions
according to your Needs

We customize our identity management solution to meet your needs to the dot

But this is rarely necessary: To date, the Garancy IAM suite’s standard products have been able to fulfill nearly all customer requirements through configuration.

However, experience has shown that some IAM projects give rise to highly individual requirements that even our flexible standard products cannot match by means of configuration. In such a case, Beta Systems can perform the required adaptation services to meet even the most complex customer-specific demands.

  • Connecting individual systems

  • Developing specific workflows

  • Customized System Integration

  • Implementing business logic

Connecting Individual IT Systems / Home-Grown Solutions

The GARANCY IAM products allow for the connection of all key standard IT systems via corresponding standard connectors. Still, many customers wish to connect their own IT systems to the IAM system.

To make this possible, the GARANCY IAM family offers various connector systems that can be adapted to the respective target system both quickly and efficiently. Customers can perform these adaptations themselves, but as part of the customizing service (tailor-made IAM) Beta Systems will gladly adapt the connectors for you.

Developing Individual Governance Workflows

Creation and adaptation of individual processes: Every company has its own workflows. IAM products from Beta Systems are designed such that they can be configured for different processes and access rights assignment structures. The GARANCY Process Center allows you to go one step further and implement individual workflows according to any specifications.

Be it customer-specific processes, automated workflows or forms – GARANCY Process Center empowers you to design your own processes and make them meet your specific requirements by adding the corresponding code. Where needed, Beta Systems will put a team of experienced application developers to the task of designing and implementing the processes for you.

Customized System Integration

The identity management system connects to various other IT systems. For instance, a customer may need the IAM system to be directed by the ITSM (IT Service Management), the IAM system status needs to be integrated with the company-specific compliance dashboard or the customer wants to regularly compare IAM data against the licensing base of their own asset management system.

Beta Systems specialists will take care of planning and implementing these types of individual connections.

Implementing Individual Business Logic

Many corporate structures have grown over many years. As a result, the user ID needs to comply with a specific nomenclature from the moment it is generated. The designations of access rights derive from abbreviations of the corresponding business unit and the relevant IT system, or the classification of IT applications managed in the IAM system is dynamically provided by a specific database.

The products of the GARANCY IAM suite can map most of these associations by means of configuration. If this is not possible, Beta Systems can perform the needed adjustments and extensions to the identity management system according to individual customer requirements.

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