Realization and Implementation
of Identity Management Solutions

Implementation services geared to create on-target identity management solutions for customers.

Concept Design and Implementation

Our identity management implementation services support our customers throughout all stages of their identity management project.

They are based on agile, iterative project methods and standardized project plans to help you set up your solution.

Detailed checklists, seamless documentation, project progress reports and regular project meetings ensure a successful implementation.

The implementation services offered by Beta Systems Professional Service include the introduction as well as ongoing upgrade of an existing IAM solution based on the IAM product suite from Beta Systems.

  • Pre-introduction services

  • Migration services


  • Best-practice standard IAM

  • IAM at a fixed price


  • Tailor-made IAM

Pre-introduction services

These services address key steps preceding the actual implementation of an IAM system, including the proof of concept (PoC) and prototyping. The services are designed to guide you to an IAM system that best meets your needs.

  • As part of the proof of concept we determine, together with you, whether the standard functions of our software cover your specific requirements. This PoC stage is generally of great interest to small and mid-sized companies who tend to prefer a standard solution that delivers transparent costs and low investment risk. As an added incentive, the PoC is offered at a fixed price and is performed as quickly as possible.
  • The prototyping service involves the implementation of individual customer requirements based on our standard software. The purpose of a prototype project is to implement desired (added) functionality both quickly and with minimum effort. This makes the prototype service particularly interesting to major corporations or IT providers as these need to meet the demands of a very broad range of end customers.

IAM at a fixed price

We offer the so-called ‘Fast Forward’ IAM project method to mid-sized customers. This approach is designed to provide a rapid, standardized implementation with the greatest possible function range within just three months.

  • This complete package delivers a simple, compact solution and easy implementation, doing away with the risk of exceeding the project budget or time. The final product matches the quality of the standard solution across the board.
  • You gain a working solution that offers all standard functions and enables you to manage your key systems via IAM.
  • In addition, your employees can request new access authorizations using an audit-compliant process.

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Migration services

Beta Systems offers identity and access management migration projects for its GARANCY IAM suite. The Beta Systems Professional Service team supports you in planning and implementing your solution.

Migration projects serve the purpose of replacing an IAM system or merging multiple IAM systems without affecting any of the connected systems.

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Best-practice standard IAM

Ideally, after implementing IAM standard software the customer’s specific requirements are mapped by means of configuration. IAM standard software is designed to provide customers and their users with instant benefits resulting from ongoing upgrades to the standard application. The easiest way to accomplish this is to take a ‘configuration instead of customization’ approach.

Tailor-made IAM

Whenever an IAM is introduced, the project strategy and possibly the software, too, must be adapted to the individual customer scenario. We offer customizing services that ensure the success of these complex projects.

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