Identity Management
for the Health Care Sector

Protecting sensitive data by controlling access to data and systems processing medical, healthcare and administrative information

Health-related data is a prime target of theft and abuse, e.g. in the context of accounting fraud or identity theft.

The more IT is used to manage the work of family physicians, labs and hospitals, the more sensitive data is generated as a result. And as opposed to credit cards, it is not possible to simply block patient data.

The GARANCY IAM suite prevents unauthorized access to sensitive patient data and IT applications. This is essential, because these systems provide many employees and external partners with access to highly sensitive and personal data that must not get into the wrong hands!

  • Protect personal data from unauthorized access

  • Implement digital request and management processes

  • Authorization-driven provision of patient data

  • Improve security and reduce costs at the same time

What makes the GARANCY IAM Suite for the healthcare sector stand out?

A user-friendly solution should allow healthcare businesses to centrally configure the systems employees and/or external partners may use and to define what sensitive information they may access.

Users are provided with access rights based on their function.

  • Workflow-controlled, automatic approval of access rights on a ‘need-to-know’ basis
  • Comprehensive integration of common healthcare applications
  • Fully adaptable to healthcare-specific needs
  • From 500 active users up to over 1 million managed accounts

anisationen, welche Mitarbeiter/externen Geschäftspartner mit welchen Systemen arbeiten und welche sensiblen Informationen sie dabei einsehen dürfen.

Auf Basis ihres Aufgabenprofils werden den Nutzern die benötigten Zugriffsrechte zur Verfügung gestellt.

  • Workflowgesteuerte, automatisierte Berechtigungsfreigaben nach dem „Need-to-know“-Prinzip
  • Vollständige Integration von typischen Healthcare Applikationen
  • Komplett anpassbar an die Anforderungen im Gesundheitswesen
  • Von 500 aktiven Anwendern bis hin zu mehr als 1 Million verwaltete Konten

Benefits of IAM to the Healthcare Sector

Protect personal data from unauthorized access

Our GARANCY Identity & Access Management Suite empowers healthcare companies to control and monitor access to all data and applications. The products reliably protect sensitive, personal medical and financial data from unauthorized access.

  • Achieve security through consistent monitoring of user rights assignment – from the initial request all the way to the technical implementation in the IT system.
  • Role-based access authorization helps to ensure the required level of access protection in hospitals and delivers added efficiency.
  • Each user is assigned precisely the access rights to the data and applications actually required to perform their daily work.
  • Ensures compliance with a wide range of industry regulations, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and privacy laws like HIPAA.

Implement digital request and management processes

Rapidly and reliably set up individual access rights to patient data – both internally and for external partners.

  • Connect IT systems with the centralized user management solution.
  • Utilize governance workflows within the IAM system to shape and accelerate digital processes.
  • Integrate typical healthcare applications such as the hospital, lab and radiology information system all the way to standard IT systems such as the Microsoft Active Directory service.
  • Connect the personnel management system to keep all employee data up to date and to avoid inconsistencies.
  • Business intelligence-driven reports and analyses allow you to rapidly identify high-risk areas relating to data access.

Authorization-driven provision of patient data

Access up-to-date patient records, such as medical data, payment information and identity-related records, using authorization-driven workflows.

  • Multi-tenant capable authorization management capable of integrating external partners such as healthcare service providers, health insurance companies, clearing houses or other institutions.
  • Patients are frequently moved from one ward to another. The resulting required update of access rights can be performed automatically for each relevant application.
  • Improved support at the point of care: Control access to electronic patient records in the context of physicians’ ‘digital rounds.’

Improve security and reduce costs at the same time

Automatic allocation and revoking of access rights for the respective user profile greatly streamlines administration of the corresponding rights in your system landscape and helps you comply with demanding security regulations.

  • Integrate medical and administrative employees to interconnect treatment, lab and general clinic work.
  • Consistently monitor user rights assignment – from the initial request all the way to the technical implementation in the IT system.
  • Self-service functions ease the IT department’s workload: Integrate a centralized password management system with mobile and e-mail PIN to increase password security and reduce helpdesk costs.
  • Cover future requirements by connecting IAM systems to medical devices or new Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the healthcare industry via comprehensive standard or customized connectors.

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