Identity & Access
at a fixed Price

Standardized IAM solution at a fixed price and a guaranteed project term.

IAM at a Fixed Price

Fast Forward IAM is an end-to-end package comprising of a license and services that allow you to rapidly introduce your IAM solution.

FAST FORWARD IAM from Beta Systems is a standardized setup and implementation service for your GARANCY IAM product suite – at a fixed price.

The entire project generally takes no longer than three months. For 2,000 or 4,000 users. The ‘Fast Forward’ service fast tracks your identity and access management while also providing for a highly robust and reliable framework!

Attractive pricing
of your IAM project

including  licenses and services

Standardized project workflow

Preconfigured solution design
for guaranteed completeness

Introducing Fast Forward IAM projects

IAM at a fixed price delivers a simple, compact solution and easy implementation, doing away with the risk of exceeding the project budget or time. The final product matches the quality of the standard solution across the board. 

You gain a working solution that offers all standard functions and enables you to manage your key systems via IAM. In addition, your employees can request new access authorizations using an audit-compliant process. You also receive hands-on training and can autonomously extend the role scheme. User data is automatically obtained from the HR system. The system draws on this data to set up basic access according to default rules.

Advantages of the fixed-price IAM offer:

Beta Systems acts as your ‘sparring partner’: We have implemented numerous IAM projects for customers in your line of business and put this know-how to work for you.

We know the industry’s best practices, have ready answers to common challenges and draw on our experience to prevent these issues from arising in your project in the first place.

  • Minimized project risk!
  • Standardized project with clearly defined results
  • Budget safety!
  • Fixed-cost service results in transparent investment costs
  • Reliable time frame! Extremely rapid implementation delivered by an expert IAM provider

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