Identity Management
for Insurance Companies

Meet the high data protection and security requirements of your customers!

The Identity Access Management suite from Beta Systems provides you with a set of tools for controlling and monitoring access to data and applications according to the individual organizational requirements and specialist role of each user.

The Beta Systems IAM suite’s modules facilitate all IAM-related tasks specific to the insurance business.

  • Workflow-controlled, automated approval of access rights
  • Comprehensive integration into complex IT landscapes
  • Fully customizable to meet all your needs
  • From 500 active users up to over 1 million managed accounts
  • Authorization-driven access to business applications

  • Accelerate insurance workflows

  • Meet compliance regulations

  • Protect personal data

Benefits of identity management for insurers

Authorization-driven access to business applications

Automatic allocation and revoking of access rights for the respective user profile greatly streamlines administration of the corresponding rights in your system landscape.

  • Improved security through consistent monitoring of user rights assignment – from the request all the way to the technical implementation in your IT system.
  • When employees leave the company, all relevant access rights are automatically revoked.
  • Put an end to theft of customer data and attempts of fraud by proactively detecting potential risks.
  • Optimized authorization, allocation, registration, identity verification and multi-factor authentication.

Accelerate insurance workflows

Governance workflows can be used within the IAM system to create digital processes and accelerate all processes relating to access rights.

  • Changes are implemented in real-time (user lifecycle management for joiners, movers and leavers across all levels)
  • Improved customer services thanks to putting access rights into effect without any delay
  • Multi-tenant capable authorization management Inclusion of external users such as brokers, agencies, customers or other contractual partners
  • Can be adapted to the requirements of individual insurance segments
  • Supports all departments that handle personal data, such as, for instance, sales and underwriting, customer and contract management, risk management and investment, debt collection and disbursement, claim management etc.

Meet compliance regulations

Ensure that your company observes all legal data privacy and protection provisions, such as the German Data Security Act (BDSG), the Telecommunications Act or the ‘Code of Conduct for handling personal data by the German insurance industry’.

  • Governance workflows allow specialist departments to participate directly in the process and ensure that IT security provisions are observed.
  • They moreover make assigned access rights traceable and auditable.
  • Enforce SoD rules (segregation of duties) and authorization control based on roles and internal IT security policies.
  • Provide comprehensive standard reports and analyses including compliance and risk indicators.
  • Detailed audit logs allow you to answer questions like “who can access which data and applications” or “who authorized this access” at any time.
  • Schedule audits of the assigned access rights.
  • Perform regular recertification to enforce internal guidelines and legal provisions across the company.

Protect personal data

The GARANCY Identity & Access Management suite empowers insurance companies to control and monitor access to all data and applications. This allows them to protect customer data from unauthorized internal and external access.

  • User-driven control mechanisms, role-based access and detailed audit logs ensure maximum security.
  • Make your system less vulnerable to attacks and protect sensitive data.
  • Only authorized users can access personal data, insurance programs and provider services.
  • Protect your excellent reputation and reduce service abuse.

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