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Protect confidential data!

Centrally assign access rights in a fully transparent and highly secure manner.

  • Protect business-critical data from unauthorized access

  • Protect business-critical data from unauthorized access

  • Reduce operational risk

  • Centralized identity management

Protect business-critical data from unauthorized access

  • Centralized access rights management across all global sites and throughout the entire identity lifecycle
  • Automatic and cross-system assignment of authorizations to new or relocating employees as well as revoking of rights after terminations
  • Single interface for managing all identities, roles and access rights
  • Highly scalable solution for managing the access rights of employees, suppliers and external partners
  • Protect patents/intellectual property by limiting access to information and deliveries to the right people at precisely the right time, allowing them to bring together all needed components, materials and data.

Observe applicable regulatory provisions, e.g., those pertaining to quality management.

  • Improved ability to respond and meet audit requirements
  • Meet FDA/DEA and European Medicines Agency (EMEA) regulations pertaining to identity management
  • Account for compliance requirements defined in 21 CFR Part 11 as well as in the HIPAA, SOX, GMP, GLP and ISO standards
  • Highly granular access rights control and the resulting high level of transparency allow you to further meet regional or local legal provisions.
  • Secure and reliable audit trails and reporting on potential access risks
  • Automatic certification and convenient recertification of access rights by specialist department staff e.g. once per quarter or more frequently
  • Dashboards highlight role- and context-dependent access rights to managers.
  • Observe rules relating to the segregation of duties.
  • Foster trust and integrity by meeting even the most demanding security requirements.

Reduce operational risk Reduce operational risk

  • Enforce defined access rights assignment structures using browser-based release workflows
  • Controlled information sharing with employees and partners: Secure identities serve as the basis for business-to-business and business-to-regulatory exchange.
  • Implement secure processes to protect access to high-risk systems and databases
  • Regular automatic recertification by specialist department supervisors
  • Analyze historical data: Who had access to what data during which time frame?
  • Protected access to patents

Centralized management of the identities of employees, partners and clients

  • Prevent the assignment of access rights to non-authorized individuals.
  • Maintain full control over user identities and the associated access rights, e.g. to clinical trials and related temporary workflows, such as those for suppliers during the development stage.
  • Highly scalable identity management solution that supports all platforms and systems throughout all international offices and can handle any number of users and accounts; freely upgradable, for example, after acquisitions.
  • Greatly reduced administration workload: Role-based access rights are assigned fully automatically within minutes. This means that employees and partners can get down to work right away.
  • Accelerated exchange of information and access to specialist applications and file systems during product development or clinical trials thanks to centralized identity management.
  • Password self reset function generates significant cost savings for support and administration while also reducing user downtimes.
  • Secure identities serve as a foundation for information exchange with companies, suppliers, external partners and regulatory authorities and thus go a long way towards making digital transformation happen.

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