Identity Management
for Government

Making access authorization transparent while increasing data access security.

The GARANCY authorization management solution controls and monitors access rights to all data and applications in public offices and at government agencies. Moreover, the system can control and monitor access authorizations across organizational boundaries, even extending to external partners.

GARANCY caters to the needs of public agencies and companies from the municipal and state through to the federal and international level.

  • Control and monitor access to data and applications.

  • Reduce the risk of fraud and misuse of data in public agencies.

  • From 500 users to > 1 million authorizations.

  • Task-specific access to sensitive data and applications.

  • Transparent overview of existing access rights.

Benefits of identity management to the public sector

Government agencies and other public institutions are in a fix: They must ensure maximum protection of the personal data processed in their systems. However, accessing this data is an essential part of their daily work. This is why information security in the public sphere depends on implementing a system for task-related access rights assignment. In other words, users should only have the access rights they actually need to perform their duties.

Centralized management of access to data pertaining to citizens, companies and public agencies

Increased security thanks to improved protection of sensitive data: Protect data from unauthorized internal and external access.

  • Reduced access risk, increased data security.
  • Access rights are automatically updated in response to governmental employee changes (e.g. hirings, terminations or reassignments).
  • In addition to meeting expectations, such a digital service speeds up and improves the service rendered to citizens, resulting in higher satisfaction.
  • Governance workflows can be used to create digital processes and accelerate all processes relating to access rights, thus making static administrative procedures dynamic.
  • Detailed audit logs allow you to answer questions like “who can access which data and applications” or “who authorized this access” at any time

Restrict Authorization to Authorized Users

Each employee can only access the data and agency software applications required to perform the given task at hand.

  • Automatic allocation and revoking of access rights for the respective user profile greatly streamlines the administration of all corresponding rights in your system landscape.
  • Significantly faster processing of access rights requests and approval procedures.
  • Departments, including specialist departments, autonomously assign and recertify access rights at regular intervals, i.e., they can affirm or revoke permissions or delegate this task.
  • Intra-agency cooperation benefits from clearly defined internal access rights in terms of easier and faster communication.
  • Authorization management functions empower you to implement tailor-made IT security policies, reduce risk relating to fraud and misuse of data, as well as set up compliant workflows.

More transparent assignment of access rights

Consistently implement the ‘need-to-know’ principle and gain a precise overview of who can access which files, drives and applications.

  • Digital processes make it possible to offer public services in a secure, transparent and efficient way.
  • IT compliance regulations are observed thanks to efficient and legally compliant documentation of IT access rights.
  • Any changes to access rights can be monitored, documented and logged in an audit-compliant manner.
  • Authorization management allows public agencies and contractors to easily comply with BSI standards (100-1, 100-2, 100-3) and ISO 27001 & ISO 27002 certification criteria.

Support of modern eGovernment procedures

Modern e-government procedures involve the transfer of personal data collected in various specialist procedures between administrative bodies on the federal, state and municipal level. GARANCY rights management for the public sector supports agencies and authorities in taking digital change to the next stage and driving digital transformation.

  • Massive efficiency gains through rapid provisioning of all required access rights.
  • Provides direct access to information according to the ‘need-to-know’ principle, thus setting the stage for the highly efficient implementation of digital change in the public sphere:
  • Secure identities reinforce the customers’ trust in digital services.
  • Digital identities can be put to use in a number of additional ways to further improve the service level.
  • Rapid, centralized control of access rights across the company facilitates the reliable and speedy implementation of organizational and procedural changes of any scope.
  • Complete digital mapping of processes as well as accelerated rights assignment and management based on audit-compliant workflows.

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