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Als Kunde unserer IAM-Produkte (SAM/GARANCY) haben Sie hier die Möglichkeit, online mit unserem Software Support Kontakt aufzunehmen. Über das Portal können Sie Ihre Anfragen an den Support senden und haben stets einen Überblick über den Bearbeitungsstand.

Password management

Umfassender Support für unsere Password Management Lösungen Password Reset und Password Synchronization.

Hotline contacts

  • Central support number for Germany:
    0800-BETASYS   (= 0800-2382797)


Customers gain user access to the GARANCY Online Community: This platform  mainly serves the purpose of allowing users to share experiences with one another. We consider the resulting feedback when developing new products and upgrading existing tools.

GARANCY Online Community login

If you do not have access credentials yet, please contact your sales representative.

Products and Compatibility

We regularly update and refine our products and software solutions. Use this button to obtain the current release status and the current lists of supported platforms and components.

GARANCY User Group

The GARANCY User Group has been an integral part of Beta Systems since the 1990s. These meetings, which take place several times a year, enable close relations between Beta Systems, the manufacturer and the customers as users. This communication forum was founded by our customers and is intended to serve the exchange of experiences and opinions among users.

To join the User Group, please contact your Account Manager.


Als Kunde von Beta Systems haben Sie hier nach einer Registrierung die Möglichkeit, die Produktdokumentationen über unsere Website herunter zu laden.

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Phone: +49 (0) 221 650 150

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