Information Security in Industrial Companies

Information Security in Industrial Companies

Implement TISAX® Requirements for Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers with IAM

TISAX® stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange and was developed from ISO 27001 specifically for the information security requirements of the automotive industry.

The questionnaire contains more than 60 questions on information security, prototype and data protection.

Beta Systems offers automotive and industrial companies an Identity Access Management solution that enables the implementation of TISAX® requirements in a compliant manner.

  • Automated user and access management with standardized processes for authorization assignment
  • Access to data and information is exclusively based on the need-to-know principle
  • Automatic implementation in accordance with defined requirements, e.g. onboarding of new employees, authorization changes in the event of transfers and terminations
  • Regular recertification for user and role authorizations
  • Significant reports on authorization and assignment of authorizations: Who has which authorizations and when, and from whom did the person receive them?
  • Consideration
    TISAX / ISO 27001

  • Improved security thanks to centralized authorization management

  • Authorization management across system boundaries

  • Observe applicable regulatory provisions

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